Employment department

Advice on employment relations and on formalities related to the company’s relationship with the administration, according to public legislation, within the framework of constant changes on labour law and collective agreements, and the evolution of the different formal duties.

Some of our services

  • Registration of companies.
  • Opening of workplaces.
  • Registration of workers.
  • Contracts and deferrals.
  • Payrolls management (TC2 and TC1).
  • Temporary incapacity, disability and retirements.
  • CMAC labour disputes.
  • Employment inspection and administrative claims.
  • Prevention of labour risk.
  • Connection to the Social Security General Fund net.
  • Self-employed. Registrations, unregistrations and welfare payments.
  • Jurisprudence and collective agreements data bases.
  • Special scheme (home, agricultural…).
  • Advice and consulting.

Employment department

Advice on employment relations and on formalities related to the company's relationship with the administration...

Fiscal department

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